Our Team

Francis Lavelle, LENS Technician

Francis Lavelle is a LENS practitioner with over a year of experience treating clients with LENS neurofeedback He explains the reason for including LENS neurofeedback in his work:

“I have found the LENS to be effective in relieving symptoms of a spectrum of problems as they relate to brain functioning. The LENS allows the client to experience themselves without the debilitating limitations of anxiety, depression, TBI, PTSD, age-related cognitive decline and a host of other brain-related and CNS issues. LENS has greatly reduced the time it traditionally takes to relieve these symptoms and for some of our clients, traditional methods have taken years and the issues are still unresolved. LENS changes are permanent and the brain continues to reorganize days, if not, weeks after treatment. ”

Damon Popovics, DC

Dr. Damon Popovics grew up in Upstate New York where he graduated from Cornell University in 1993 with a degree in Nutritional Biochemistry and a minor in Exercise Science.  He then went on to New York Chiropractic College, and after receiving his doctorate in 1996, moved to Prescott, AZ to open his first practice.  Seven years after opening, he had built one of the largest practices in the country serving the community with over 300 patient visits per week.


In 2004, he began a new venture, opening Wellness One - The Center for Optimal Health in Encinitas, CA, which grew to include 7 practitioners delivering all facets of natural, drug-free healthcare to the residents of Southern California.  Dr. Popovics sold that practice and left California to pursue private chiropractic consulting and practice management to help other chiropractors reach their practice goals.


He has since helped nearly 1500 other chiropractors in nearly every state and over a dozen different countries with his products and coaching, and still maintains an active consulting practice in addition to his current private practice in Orofino.


Pursuing his love of the outdoors, Dr. Popovics moved to Orofino in early 2010.  Following his desire to become more involved in the community by serving the healthcare needs of rural Idaho, he went back into practice in September 2012 and is now curently developing the Orofino Wellness Center into a complete natural health and wellness center. http://www.orofinowellnesscenter.com

Kenneth Wightman, ND

Dr. Kenneth Wightman is a Naturopathic Doctor who also holds a Master’s Degree in Hematology and Immunology. He has recently relocated from private practice in Texas to serve our community at Orofino Wellness Center.  


Dr. Wightman has extensive Functional Medicine expertise, as well as a strong background in hematology, endocrine, auto-immune, diabetic and blood sugar management, and digestive issues, plus certification as a Lyme Literate Naturopathic Doctor (LLND).