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How effective is the LENS?

It is acknowledged that this is a new form of treatment and the number of randomly controlled outcome studies is still limited; however, clinical experience in the USA, Australia, Canada, Germany and Mexico has shown positive outcomes and some research studies have already been conducted. For some preliminary research studies, see:

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Although there are many studies and references to the LENS here are three books that collectively offer a comprehensive overview of the LENS.

Dr. Stephen Larsen is a early adapter of the LENS. This anecdotal account of a broad cross-section of patients offers fascinating insight into this powerful form of neurofeedback.

The Healing Power of Neurofeedback

Dr. Corydon Hammond, editor of the Journal of Neurofeedback examines the research, developmental, and clinical applications of the LENS.

LENS: The Low Energy Neurofeedback System

A guide to neurofeedback for better physical and mental health as well as greater emotional balance, cognitive agility, and creativity. Also by Dr. Stephan Larsen.

The Neurofeedback Solution

Further controlled research studies are anticipated. You can also find more information at

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